• Lamb Chops
    Porterhouse Lamb Loin Chops
    Our lamb loin chops are carefully selected from the highest quality domestic lambs,raised in limited quantities - a premium to imported. They are fed an exclusive formula producing a milky white color with a fine texture and full of flavor not found anywhere else.
  • Lobster Tail
    South African Lobster Tails
    With their identifiable natural red color, our South African lobster tails are plucked from the local cold, clean waters off the continent’s coast. Lauded as the premier lobster tail species served ‘round the world, the meat in these plump beauties is succulent and sweet and their mild flavor makes them perfect served alone or for “Surf & Turf” dishes
  • Strip Steak
    Boneless New York Sirloin Strip Steak
    Our boneless New York Strip Steak exhibits fine texture and rich marbling combined with our special wet-aging process. These sirloin strip steaks have an incredibly robust flavor and juicy tenderness. Sometimes called a shell steak, by any name it’s a classic steak-lovers steak. We’ll grill this to your specifications; always to succulent perfection.
  • Steak Burger
    The Great Steakhouse Steak Burger
    We proudly serve you the world’s finest “Steak Burger”. They're made from hand-selected USDA Prime beef exhibiting exceptional quality and flavor. The fat to lean beef mixture insures your going to enjoy a succulent, juicy and exceptionally flavor Steak Burger.
  • Steak Dogs
    The Great Steak House Steak Dog Fifth Avenue Grill presents the world’s best steak steak dog. Your Great Steakhouse Steak Dog has a firm, juicy bite, bold flavor and lightly smoked aroma. This all-beef Steak Dog is in a class by itself. A perfectly seasoned six-inch Chicago-style wiener enclosed in a natural casing. We have to admit our Steak Dog redefines this all time culinary favorite - grill to perfection.
  • Prime Porterhouse Steak
    Prime Porterhouse Steak Nothing says "steak lover" quite as much as our Porterhouse. Our generous cut includes the entire sirloin strip and tenderloin filet — both enhanced with rich bone-in flavor and grilled to your satisfaction. Because when it comes to USDA Prime, you can never get too much of a good thing.
  • Rib Roast
    Bone in Heart of Rib Roast
    Your Bone in Rib Roast is cut from USDA Prime beef, so you know it's the best of the best which offers the rich pleasures of Prime Rib. Roasted to succulent perfection for precise juiciness and tenderness, then hand carved. Add your favorite side dishes to compose the perfect gourmet meal.This Rib Roast is best enjoyed when dining with friends or family gatherings at holiday time or special occasions.

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